Mingjue Hu, Director of Photography

Mingjue was born in Beijing, and spent his formative years in New York.  Since his childhood, he has been greatly influenced by his father, a famous landscape painter in China.  Inspired by the films of Stanley Kubrick (who also was a photographer in his early career), Ming fell in love with cinema as a high school junior.  He received cinematic training at the Tisch Schools of the Arts, New York University and a minor in art history.  Ming was a member of Tisch Scholars, an elite group of students selected by the faculty for their demonstrated artistic and leadership potential.  In 2010, Ming served as a director of photography with Academy Award nominated documentarian Sam Pollard on his new documentary.


As a cinematographer, Ming has always been drawn to and inspired by Tonalist painters, who provide him impetus to create an illusion and image to support the story he is telling. He has always been fascinated with color, shapes and texture – “Composition is more than an arrangement.  It is, and has always been an important part of impressionistic painting.”


Ming recently completed work on M Cream, an independent feature film shot on location in New Delhi, India.

Favorite Musical – Annie Get Your Gun

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